Welcome to Budgetwebsites4u.com!!

Service BusinessOur purpose is providing people and businesses an affordable way to get their thoughts and business online. We found in our research that a fully functional website can easily cost several thousand dollars. By fully functional we mean a site that accomplishes the goals of the owner. A fully functioning blog site should include a calendar, a search tool, a way to add videos yet most designers charge for those very options on top of their posted development fees. Our website options start at just $99.00 and our top eCommerce site is only $349.00. Our eCommerce site includes a versatile shopping cart that includes inventory control and suggests additional products to the customer when they are in the check out process. Budgetwebsites4u.com is about affordability and functionality. We have designed Budgetwebsites4u.com to be a stepping stone for the 48% of businesses that aren’t online.


Our Products and Services Include;

  • Blogs, Wedding Site, Musician Site, Service Business Site and eCommerce sites. Each are customizable to create unique appearing sites.
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Annual or just a quick update service for the site we create for you. We offer the updates to the site, the shopping cart and both the site and shopping cart. Your time is valuable let us worry about the details.
  • Logo development. If you don’t have a logo we can create one for you.
  • Special Features and new product offers to our customers.

Even though we are based in Corvallis, Oregon we offer our services all over the world.

 Please click here for a brief video of who we are.

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